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Tim Baker: It's a beautiful and valuable volume. Apart from its instructional worth it's quite a work of photographic art. A stunning amount of labor went into it.  As a pro photographer for 40 years I'm especially impressed with the technical and compositional quality of the photos.


Paul Comstock: With 438 color photos and a chapter taking a microscopic look at wood grain, Bowbuilding Longbows 1 by Matthias Wiltschko is a selfbow book for the 21st century. It also covers bow-making basics, speed, accuracy and durability, plus a highly detailed section on using hand tools and how urban dwellers who can't cut down large trees can work with smaller diameter saplings.


Steve Gardner: I haven't finished my copy yet but I am really impressed with it so far. Lots of great photos and illustrations as well as clear easy to understand language. This will make a great bow building book that you will constantly go back to as a reference.

Bow Building 1: Longbows eBook

You can read it on your Smartphone, Computer or Laptop.

Highest efficiency and durability are the corner stones of this book.

Bow wood quality assessment

Exact longbow build along

Bow wood examination

Character bows

Restoring force



Tools . . . and much more.

Wood X-rays show where the power of our bows is hidden.

346 pages, 438 color photos


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Australian Bow woods


A lot of the Eucalypts and Acacias make very good bows.

Soapwood's like Alphitonia Petrei and Alphitonia Excelsia are also great.

Eucalypts: Red and Grey Ironbark, Bloodwood, Redgum, Bluegum, Spotted Gum
Acacias: Mulga, Gidgee, Lancewood, Brigalow and Dead Finish aka Silver Gidgee


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