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Bow Building Online Classes

Benefit from the latest findings in Primitive Bow Making!

Online Class 1


The Longbow

Trees and Bow Wood - Basics

Sapling Bows

The Ash Snake - A Character Bow

The Draw Knife

Bowbuildingschool Online Class 1 Longbow, English Longbow

238 pages, 261 photos, 2 videos

Will be released at the end of 2018

Online Class 2

Selfbow Tuning

The Flatbow

Trees and Bow Wood - Experts

Selfbow Tuning

Bow Strings

More Tools

Bowbuildingschool Online Class 2 Selfbow Tuning Flatbow Primitive Bowmaking

not yet released

Online Class 3

Laminated / Rattan Bows

Perry Reflex

Laminated Bows

Rattan Bows



not yet released