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Tim Baker: It's a beautiful and valuable volume. Apart from its instructional worth it's quite a work of photographic art. A stunning amount of labor went into it.  As a pro photographer for 40 years I'm especially impressed with the technical and compositional quality of the photos.


Paul Comstock: With 438 color photos and a chapter taking a microscopic look at wood grain, Bowbuilding Longbows 1 by Matthias Wiltschko is a selfbow book for the 21st century. It also covers bow-making basics, speed, accuracy and durability, plus a highly detailed section on using hand tools and how urban dwellers who can't cut down large trees can work with smaller diameter saplings.


Steve Gardner: I haven't finished my copy yet but I am really impressed with it so far. Lots of great photos and illustrations as well as clear easy to understand language. This will make a great bow building book that you will constantly go back to as a reference.

Bow Building 1: Longbows

Highest efficiency and durability are the corner stones of this book.

Bow wood quality assessment

Exact longbow build along

Bow wood examination

Character bows

Restoring force



Tools . . . and much more.

Wood X-rays show where the power of our bows is hidden.

346 pages, 438 color photos



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Bow Building 1: Longbows Primitive Bow Making Book

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