Bow Building 2: Flatbows

Over 460 pages - more than 500 color Photos - 2 Videos

Bow Building School Flatbows

Chapter 1


Interview with Legendary Bowyer Tim Baker

Fast and Durable Bows

The Osage Wars

Are you a good bowyer?

Frequently asked questions

Energy Storage

Heavy Arrows / Light Arrows

Longbow or Flatbow?

Mantra Bows

Bow Building School Bow Wood Experts

Chapter 2

Bow wood


Twisted Grain

Micro Fibril Angle

Reaction Wood

Age Trend

Origin of the Restoring Force


Mechanical Properties of Elm and Maple

X-Rays Elm and Maple

Working with Elm and Maple

Bow Building School Selfbow Tuning Increasing Efficiency

Chapter 3

Increasing Efficiency

Selfbow Tuning

Increasing Efficiency - Fundamentals

Selfbow Tuning - Tiller Profile

Reduced Restoring Force - Hysteresis

Bow Length

String Angle


Bow String - Tuning

Heat Treatment

Horn Overlays 


Bow Building School Making a Bow String

Chapter 4

Making a Bow String

Exact Manual for Making a Flemish Bow String (with Video)

Bow Building School Tools

Chapter 5


Scraper blade, Spokeshave, Rasps

Sharpening Scraper Blades

Spokeshave - Sharpness, Angle, Handling 

Working Techniques Rasps and Files